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MICAM Anticipates Next Seasonís Trends

At every new appointment of MICAM ShoEvent, the footwear collections on display represent the very best in the trends for the coming season. This edition is no exception. The Fall/Winter 2006/2007 collections on offer include creations where superior quality is always coupled with a penchant for experimentation and the desire to show off original and trendy collections.


Next winter, the trendy woman will be a posh Lolita, poised between precision and opulence, a touch of mischievousness and sensuality, but always with a generous dose of bon ton.

Her style alternates between the colourful and charming exuberance typical of the folk mood with a enigmatic hippy prêt-à-porter crowned with a touch of the Victorian. Pure black pairs with dusty and metallic colours, which are brightened by flashes of gold and silver, for a unique and utterly personal look.

Swinging London is back, thanks to metallic colours, wedge heels and a palette of patchwork patterns with embroidered inserts on leather, velvet and fur, echoing the characteristic cultural eclecticism of every free spirit and drifter.

Country and on-the-road inspirations are strong in the daytime footwear collections, giving way in the evening to pure glamour and sheer sensuality, with plunging top lines, super-sexy jewelled sandals, lavish buckles, and classic lines embellished with exclusive materials and French-inspired couture touches.
The opulent style is accentuated by the richness of the materials, the many accessories that accompany boots and ankle boots, and the use of faux and real fur for creations that suggest the Russian Bolshoi dancers.
Accessories follow the stylistic trend of the season, where boots are decorated with gaiters and crocheted inserts adorn wedge-heeled clogs.

Scandinavian flair for moccasins, clogs and ethnic and ecological boots, that have a predilection for quilted nylon, reindeer, rubber, fur, nappa leather, and cashmere, to create a fun and carefree style.

Linea Marche Paul May
Classic proportions and a keen eye for detail define the style for men next fall/winter season, where the accent is on full coverage to the foot, inserts and unusual lacing.
Today’s man – eclectic and cosmopolitan – appreciates simple shapes and clean lines and knows how to put a spark in his style by using assertive materials and taking chances on unusual combinations, like canvas and leather or suede and leather. Rounding out the contemporary look are variations with substantial leathers, colours, and metallic lacing.

Moccasins are made using double materials, padded inserts, soles in crepe rubber and stitching as a decorative element.

A return to the sixties is seen in the up-to-date shoes, with geometric shapes and tapered volumes, in nappa, goatskin and other leathers, with natural finishes, completed by short and rounded toes and full and sleek heels.

Mysterious dark late-eighties moods are revived in the dark camajeux, coloured with claret and plum accents, in hand-treated leather and reptile skins. The forms are sleek and streamlined with squared heels and toes.

The contemporary man is also a gentleman, in shoes that favour traditional leathers blended with typically British designs, in pleasantly frayed and worn leathers, colours marked by neutral backgrounds and bright accents. Timeless, classic shapes are rejuvenated with brand new proportions and fine details.

Shoes for kids next fall and winter will highlight colours, patterns and overlapping, lending new interpretations to fashion, achieving an original blend of a formal style with a mischievous tendency to break the rules.
The key decorative elements are the top-stitching and closures, vulcanized rubber in the stitching.

A blend of rock and charm for girls, who will choose from soft, deconstructed moccasins in the Native American spirit and ballerina shoes embellished with gold, jewels, beads and pearls. Bright colours and the ever popular cow-girl and folk style, effectively achieved with appliqué, studs, fringe and pom-poms.
A vintage soul and posh elegance live on in the folk patterns and in the skilful blending of unusual styles.

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