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APLF Materials Trends Lounge - Summer 2007

 APLF, in conjunction with the COMITE FRANCAIS DE LA COULEUR, presents five major themes that usher in a summer full of paradoxes as well as parallels: SCIENTIFIC DREAM ... a new, futuristic approach in the play of patterns, lights; graphic lines; ergonomic, fluid forms...colours range from light to dark, black and white, greys and metallics, ELEGANT SIMPLICITY...casual, modern, relaxed chic, balance between strength and softness in materials...whites, beiges, classic brown tones of leather, POETIC NOSTALGIA...Lightness, fluidity and transparency evoke a sensual femininity...

...pleating, drapery, creasing, embroidery, lace...faded tones, withered flowers, sweet, romantic dekor, NATURAL SOURCE...recreating and protecting nature which remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration...rustic sophistication for materials and forms...warm and cool color, copper and bronze given an old or used patina, COLOUR THERAPY...physical joy, beauty, rejuvenation, dynamism, sports...luminous vibrations, dancing colors...

However, there is one other emerging trend. . .
Instantaneous...there is also room open for personal expression, where everything is possible, where things can come together at a moment's inspiration, like in a game of chance...a sort of testing ground for unbridled creativity with that element of surprise and fun...

Scientific dream
ImageColours: From pale to dark, from shade to light, subtle greys lit up with silver.
Materials: Leather, textiles and coatings share smooth, clean, matt or brilliant finishes, with a soft, rubbery or suede-like feel and 3-D textures, suggesting a technical or futuristic look. 
Decoration: Geometrical patterns will still dominate relief in ribbing, mini pyramids, dots and squares...and scientific exploration of molecular structures or the infinitely big will open up more new paths. White, chrome-plated or brushed metal will add a subtle gleam. A few iridescent or moonstone effects to enliven this changing world.


Elegant Simplicity
ImageColours:A softly bleached look, calm beige, the warmth of leather colours and patinated wood.
Materials: leather leads the search for a balance between stiffness and suppleness and a stylish, naturally relaxed look. A degree of classicism with a modern touch.
Play on matt looks or patinated gloss in calfskin, kip, goatskin and kid, smooth or suede. Revamped classical grains, ostrich and reptile with tiny or huge scales, nubuck, interlacing, and basketry.
Coated textiles trimmed with leather also set the tone with cotton and linen: woven, plaited, serge, flamed, gabardine, pique and ottoman.
Tone on tone jacquard. 
Decoration: simplified, stylised, symmetrical or offbeat and rhytmical

Poetic Nostalgia
ImageColours: Faded floral inspiration, Romantic nostalgia, the tones of old paintwork. 
Materials: softness, fluidity, lightness and transparency infuse the theme and surfaces will be powdered, creamy, velvety, satiny or delicately crushed, pleated, embossed, embroidered, beaded, pearly.
Decoration: the main inspiration is a deceptively naive, poetic flowery look, botanical or bucolic, time-worn fine embroidered linen, macrame effects, gouache brush strokes, outmoded checks and stripes.


Natural Source
ImageColours: Warm and cold ranges of aquatic, earthy, and vegetable colours meet the hand of man.
The primitive arts and crafts from all over the world respond to a desire for exclusivity. 
Materials: vegetable tanned leather, natural grains, drummed, wild, patinated leather,
nubuck, dusty effects, time-worn effects. Rustic canvas, technical blends with natural fibres,
linen, hemp, soybean, bamboo. Hand plaiting.
And denim, forever changing, the flagship material of the travelling spirit, a basic fabric
that lends itself to any embellishment. 
Decoration: animal, vegetable, or mineral mimicry, multi-ethnic inspirations.

Colour Therapy
Joy in a beautiful body, toned up and rejuvenated by the new colour therapies, a sort of hymn to the summer sun.  
Two short colour lines express these new behaviours:

ImageLight therapy: flashes of light
Luminous bright colours to be combined or worn with black or white or used to dynamise quieter ranges. 
Materials: transparent, plasticized surfaces, colourful metallic glints, thermoplastic film.
Decoration: kinetic effects, colourful mosaics, patches, multicoloured stripes, lively geometrical patterns. 

ImageGel Therapy (Moisturising Freshness)
Vitalising stimulation, a restful, soothing, smoothing atmosphere.
A range to be used on its own or in surprising combinations with other colours. 
Materials: slightly glazed surfaces, or transparent, translucent and studied opaque effects. A tracing paper, creamy, unctuous, slightly rubbery feel. 
Decoration: jellied relief or shapes with an aquatic or bucolic inspiration. Sometimes outsized, stylised fruit, flowers, sweets and biomedical capsules. 

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