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JACK WOLFSKIN introduces leading-edge new materials

ImageMaxing out on climate controlled comfort – Footwear with TEXAPORE O3 and the X-STATIC lining, JACK WOLFSKIN introduces leading-edge new materials for enhanced comfort in outdoor footwear. The introduction of two innovative new materials in the Footwear product sector has allowed JACK WOLFSKIN to achieve a noticeable improvement in the wearer comfort of their outdoor footwear.

The TEXAPORE O3 waterproof membrane boasts the highest MVTR ever attained in the JACK WOLFSKIN Footwear Collection. The X-STATIC lining material delivers a pleasant microclimate around the foot and incorporates threads of pure silver to provide temperature balancing functionality and inhibit the formation of unpleasant odours. JACK WOLFSKIN are utilising this new combination of materials in a broad range of models. These materials produce a noticeable improvement in comfort, particularly in the warmer months of the year.


Crosshike Women
For outdoor footwear in particular, waterproofing and climate controlled comfort play a decisive role. By employing these two new materials, JACK WOLFSKIN have made a big stride forward in the drive towards improved wearer comfort. Waterproof membranes have long been an integral part of the hiking and trekking footwear sector, although the breathability performance of such membranes has often been pushed to the limit. With the introduction of TEXAPORE O3 technology in their footwear range, JACK WOLFSKIN have now pushed the envelope even further. Not only is TEXAPORE O3 extremely waterproof; the membrane, which first came onto the market in 2005 in high-performance weatherproof apparel, is the most breathable ever used in JACK WOLFSKIN’s footwear.

The membrane is incorporated into the shoe between the shell and the lining materials and consists of PTFE (polytetraflourethylene). It exhibits double the moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR) of TEXAPORE O2, while retaining the identical waterproof performance to the parent material, which was, to date, the most efficient membrane used in JACK WOLFSKIN’s footwear. The user can actually feel the difference: the foot stays dry and the microclimate within the shoe is maintained at a pleasant level. Any moisture that forms within the shoe is transported effectively away from the foot in the form of water vapour, while water from outside – regardless of whether this comes from rainfall, deep puddles or damp grass – is prevented from penetrating through into the shoe.


Cycle Track
The new X-STATIC lining material complements the TEXAPORE O3 membrane perfectly and provides a significant improvement in the comfort of the footwear. The lining possesses anti-bacterial and odour-limiting characteristics. It helps to balance the internal temperature, keeping the foot warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. This occurs naturally and without the need for chemical treatment of any kind. The effect is durable and is based on the use of threads of pure silver woven into the polyamide fabric that forms the main fabric of the shoe.

These two leading-edge new materials are employed in a whole range of new outdoor footwear models. The MOUNTAIN REBEL is a firmly supportive yet lightweight trekking boot with a TRAILLOCK sole and ankle-high uppers and delivers secure traction on steep and difficult terrain. The flat profile CROSS HIKE hiking shoe will appeal predominantly to those looking for a shoe with exceptionally low weight and a distinctively sporty style. The CYCLE TRACK is a sophisticated bike&hike shoe that benefits from additional stiffening in the front of foot area and a protective lace flap.

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