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STYL and KABO trade fairs celebrate their fiftieth anniversary
ImageTwice a year, representatives of the fashion industry meet at the exhibition centre to draw inspiration from STYL and KABO international fairs, make orders for the next season, and get information on new trends. This August they will meet here for the fiftieth time. On the occasion of this important jubilee, the organizers have prepared a number of surprises for them.

Preparations began already a year and a half ago. "We started working on the concept and the visuals of this year's campaign. The fair itself is then prepared for ca. ten months," says Gabriela Císařová, director of these trade fairs and offers a backstage glimpse. She added that special fashion shows are quite demanding when it comes to making arrangements. "When we talk about exclusive presentation with designers or significant foreign brands, we can not reach them five months in advance. It's too late," Císařová explained.

Visitors will of course also enjoy the daily shows, STYL Show, LINGERIE Show and BEACHWEAR Show. "Even though they are only contract-oriented, we pay attention to the high quality of production, choreography, stage design, and the models‘ looks," said Císařová. Contractual shows will be viewed by traders during all days of the fair.

Trends will be presented by a well-known foreign expert

Traders will certainly be interested in new trends. Even these presentations have undergone great change in the history of STYL and KABO. "At first it was a static trending forum with examples of colours and materials for the coming years. Gradually, however, we have come to the conclusion that more information is given to the traders in the form of a lecture,” recalled the director of the event.

Trends are therefore presented at STYL and KABO by top specialists. "In the last few years, we have also revived the lecture by a fashion show with a commentary in which the Dutch expert Ellen Haeser draws attention to details and gives shopping tips," said Císařová. Traders can thus go off among the stands after the lecture and know exactly what novelties to look for. "In August, the lecture will take place on Sunday at 2 p.m. on the catwalk in Hall P," invited the fairs director.

A new programme addition will consist of short lectures directly in Hall P in front of the catwalk in the Live Gallery. Visitors will also be able to see a unique international exhibition of more than 2700 bobbin lace from lace-makers from 5 European countries, incl. the Czech Republic, entitled "Lace is Grace".

A chance for young talents 

Merchants can choose from several hundred well-established fashion brands in two halls in August. However, young talents will also show up at the event. "They will again present their creations in the Fresh Fashion Zone, where they will have a unique chance to offer their goods to buyers from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia on advantageous terms," the event director said. This section is regularly attended by designers who produce clothing, accessories and jewellery.

Talented students will also be given the opportunity to present themselves. "Young designers of shoes and leather goods will compete in the 11th edition of the Jan Pivečka Foundation Prize, which we are preparing in cooperation with the Czech Footwear Association and the Jan Pivečka Foundation," said Císařová. Visitors will see the exhibits at the KABO trade fair.

Exhibitors will also get their money’s worth. "On Saturday, they can look forward to a party where, among other things, we will thank the companies participating in the fairs for twenty-five years," the event director said.

The 50th Jubilee STYL and KABO International Fairs will take place from the 19th to the 21st  of August at the Brno Exhibition Centre. In addition to traditional exhibitors and 75 Czech manufacturers, visitors can enjoy a number of new collections from 121 new exhibitors.

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