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Mister of Poland Rafał Maślak promotes Polish clothes!
ImageAs of July, Mister of Poland will try to convince customers that it is worth investing in clothes labelled "Made in Poland". Rafał Maślak became the face of  Polish Fashion campaign. The aim of the project is to select most attractive products in the extensive market offer – products that are fashionable, but also made of high quality materials and created on the basis of principles of fair trade. As the model admits,...

...the idea of supporting Polish fashion sector is very close to his heart:

- From the very beginning, when I was chosen Mister of Poland, one of my major objectives was to promote Polish brands that manufacture products of really interesting design and good quality. And as you can see, I managed to turn my words into action. I have been to many countries, and I have seen how people dress there and what their aesthetics is. Taking small steps, I have been trying to smuggle to my blog some news and some bolder solutions, and educate people that fashion should be fun.

Persons interested in the project soon will be able to see Rafał Maślak's new stylization composed of products manufactured solely in Poland which will be available on Polska Moda fanpage and on Rafał Maślak's profile. Mister of Poland will present, for example, the new collection by Lanieri Fashion – known for its high-quality men's sweaters, or a new line of trousers by Sempre appreciated for their comfort and distinctive style. The model will also present these collections on 2nd of September during Poznań Fashion Fair gala. Among the brands awarded with Polish Fashion emblem there are also brands for women, such as: MIDORI, EZURI, ACORD, AB Nahlik, BOCA, Getex, Maciejka, Marselini, Metafora, POTIS&VERSO, L'ame de femme, REDI FASHION, Semper, TOVA, SUN OF GABA, SUNWEAR,  NORD, Margaret Brand and Lena Largo. Soon, these brands will be represented by an ambassador promoting domestic design.

All the above mentioned brands are described on the campaign our website.

- The campaign is aimed at conscious customers for whom quality and not quantity is important. According to recent surveys, customers are increasingly recognizing the value of a brand that stands behind the clothes they wear. That is why the brands distinguished with Polish Fashion emblem will always have at least one advantage over mass production: they are manufactured by local specialists with great care and love for what they do. It can be observed, for example, in details or facings - explains Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska, Director of Poznań Fashion Fair, who coordinates Polish Fashion Project.


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