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Success concept system partnership: Tamaris opens 300th store
ImageWhat do you get when you combine variety, quality and trend awareness? That’s right: Tamaris! Always a step ahead, the lifestyle label from Germany’s Wortmann Group impresses with stylish shoes for every occasion and a partner-operated store concept that can look back on a long history of success. The Tamaris system partnership, which has been established on the market for more than ten years, is one of the fastest-growing area concepts in the shoe sector.

Tamaris recently opened its 300th store in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden, a number which we are very proud of here in Detmold. "We are delighted with the booming growth of the system partnership. Close, confident collaboration with our partners is a significant part of our philosophy as well as the success of Tamaris", says Jens Beining, managing associate of the Wortmann Schuh-Holding. 

Complimenti Due is one of these partners who has contributed to Wortmann’s growth. In 2005 Dagmar Steinauer opened the first Tamaris Monolabel Store in Berlin’s Eastgate. In those days Tamaris was not only a largely unknown brand but the system partnership was literally still at an early stage. Complimenti has now opened six further Tamaris Stores and recognises the advantages of the floor space concept. Apart from the open, cooperative exchange of opinions with the decision makers in Detmold, the refined logistics processes are particularly appreciated as well as the data management and commercial success connected with the partnership. Different to those days, Tamaris is now a strong, broadly based lifestyle brand with emotional commitment and international charisma.  


As one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Europe, the Wortmann Group produces over 52 Million pairs of shoes every year. In Germany 71 percent of people know the brand and willingness to buy is 47 percent. An important building block for this good outcome is the close cooperation between Wortmann and the local partners. Through mutual collaboration, the Tamaris system partnership offers the fashion conscience woman quality and design at a top price performance ratio. This has contributed to the fact that every other woman in Germany currently owns at least one pair of Tamaris shoes. However, the multi-faceted structure of collections is only one pillar of the successful concept. The internationally acting Wortmann Group has developed a whole package of measures for its partners in the retail trade, which also includes marketing ventures and the design of stores. The Tamaris system partnership creates the decisive competitive advantage, which combines the local strength of the system partner and Wortmann’s global power.

Whether it's a single brand store or shop-in-shop area – the stylish boutique flair of the modular floor space concept encourages customers to browse and linger and presents the world of the popular shoe brand in all its glory. There are currently almost 1000 areas (stores and shops), which are operated in partnership in over 32 countries - and every week a new one is added! Just like Leeuwarden, the jubilee store, which is operated by the Dutch partner Ziengs Schoenen B.V. More Ziengs Stores are already planned. "We are entrepreneurs and never stand still. In our experience, Wortmann is always ready to react at short notice when new stores are to be opened. The planning, preparation and communication with contract partners works in an exemplary way," reports Edward Doornbos, Ziengs’ expansion manager. Wortmann also continuously focuses on the expansion of the system partnership: "We are constantly searching for qualified locations, which we can successfully transform together with our partners," says Beining. "We want to take the 300th store as an opportunity to once again thank all the partners for the trust they have placed in us - in the past as well as in the future."


For the current fiscal year, 2014/15 (31st May), the Detmold-based Wortmann Group expects sales of EUR 1,018 million (previous year: EUR 1,013 million). With a pair volume of 51.8 million pairs in the current fiscal year, of which 31.8 million were in the fashion segment and 20.0 million in the standard segment, the Wortmann Group is among Europe’s largest shoe production and sales companies. As well as the top brand Tamaris, the corporation also includes the brands Marco Tozzi, Caprice, Jana and s.Oliver shoes brands. These are joined in Asia by Novi Footwear Fareast Ltd. The Group currently employs a total of 1,151 staff internationally (previous year 1,092), 722 of whom are based in Europe. Around 30,000 people work in the production for the Detmold-based corporation around the world. The shoes of Wortmann Group are sold in over 70 countries and in more than 15,000 shoe shops worldwide.


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