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Expo Riva Shuh: Business at Heart
ImageRiva del Garda Fierecongressi is looking towards the future and the 82nd edition of Expo Riva Shuh, which is rapidly approaching. And the future is looking bright: this event will kick off where the excellent performance of the January edition left off (+10% compared to previous year), a sure sign of a healthy event, capable of keeping pace even when the entire footwear sector is going through a hard time.

So to what do we owe a result that is in such sharp contrast to the general market trend? Well, it is certainly a combination of winning factors, such as, for example, the early date of the event and its international dimension. But maybe the thing that best explains the lasting success of Expo Riva Shuh is the fact that it has always placed business at the top of the agenda. Over the years, the event held in Riva del Garda has maintained and increased its role as the European crossroad of commercial exchange in the volume footwear market, and statistics show that this position converse an important growth area in a market that is increasing globalised and inter-connected.

According to the data revealed by Apicaps for the year 2012, amongst the top 10 footwear producing countries in the world, only 4 of them also rank amongst the major consumers, a fact which clearly demonstrates how, at world-wide level, shoes are increasingly “exchanged” and travel across the main routes of global commerce. Because of this, exhibitions have increasingly become the meeting point between supply and demand and less and less just a showcase with a purely promotional function, as is the case for Expo Riva Shuh, where business has always been at the heart of the fair.

Further evidence of this is the fact that the top four European countries in the worldwide consumers chart for shoes, namely the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany and France, area the very same that find themselves amongst the top places in the list of visitors to the event in Riva del Garda: the same is true for certain markets outside the Europe of crucial importance, such as India. The USA, together with Canada, accounts for 13% of the non-European visitors to Riva del Garda and Japan makes up 8% of the non-European visitors.

International, business-oriented and increasingly in line with the needs of the international footwear market. That is Expo Riva Shuh which is currently preparing to welcome more than 1200 exhibitors, over 70% of whom are foreign, with the very best previews for the Spring/Summer 2015. The dates are set: from June 14th to 17th in Riva del Garda.


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