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ASSOMAC is the National Association that represents the Italian manufacturers of Footwear, Leather Goods and Tanning Machinery who are world leaders. In fact Italian exports account for more than 50% of all the exports of countries manufacturing machinery in this industrial sector. ASSOMAC and its member-companies have been present worldwide for many years and throughout this time have accompanied the massive development of the leather and footwear industries in the different countries.

The collaboration and service support to our customers are the milestone of innovation and technical development.

On this occasion ASSOMAC introduces at APLF 2014 the “Machines and Technologies Guide” specialist publication to be kept on your desk as a reference document and to remind you that solutions to your problems are close at hand.

It is not unreasonable to claim that this Guide will become an important tool for those that consider technology to be an essential component in the manufacture of quality, commercially competitive articles.

The “Machines nad Technologies Guide” provides a list of machines and accessories, including features with figures and text, separated by activity codes (A-Tannery, B-Footwear, C-Leathergoods). Each machine and accessory listed includes information regarding appropriate ASSOMAC member companies who may provide the solution to your problem.

The Guide is available for online consultation on website

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