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The fairest shoe of them all is at theMICAMpoint
Mirror mirror, on the wall, which is the fairest shoe of them all? Enter the kingdom of Made in Italy shoes: From March 1-6 in the Piazza del Liberty in Milan, you can discover the world of authentic and quality footwear in an area completely dedicated to those who are passionate about the most loved and coveted accessory.

Made in Italy footwear is a way of being, walking, understanding and loving, in all of their facets. Thanks to the Stiletto Academy di Veronica Benini (the first Italian school for walking and posture) and to coach and master PNL Giovanni Pozza, you can learn the ABCs of the language of footwear and put advice on posture to the test on a glamorous runway in the heart of the fashion capital. It's a catwalk for true stars! And to find about all the secrets of the latest fashion trends, trend forecasters Aldo Premoli and Orietta Pelizzari will be available for all Shoeaholics.

Show me the shoes you're wearing and I'll tell you who you are...

Do you know Italian shoes well? Do you love them? More importantly, would you be able to recognize them? From March 1-6, the Milanese public will have an answer to all of these questions, thanks to a face-to-face with the expert, who will be present at theMICAMpoint to explain the secrets, work and passion that goes into Italian footwear.

To avoid fashion blunders, the expert suggests the ten commandments to choosing shoes - because the eyes can lie, but shoes always tell the truth! We should pay attention to the originality of the Made in Italy label, because having beautiful and authentic shoes protects our health and the environment in which we live.

Goodness, what lovely shoes you have!

This year theMICAM kept children in mind, since shoes represent imagination and creativity. Even the youngest of fans will take part in numerous activities and workshops at theMICAMpoint, such as recycling scraps from the shoe production process. A work of art can truly be born from nothing - necklaces, fantastic bracelets and keychains. "Recycling", an explorative tactile journey into industrial waste materials, will be run by the non-profit "LaFucina" and be a place of creation where desires become reality. Additionally, with the assistance of real designers, children from the A. Diaz elementary school in Via Crocefisso will be able to try their hand in designing real children's shoes.

While the youngsters split up to create and recreate the shoe of their dreams, older visitors can get more in-depth information on topics such as the value and quality of the Made in Italy label and the battle against counterfeiting.

At the beginning of "The Fairest of Them All" competition.

The Wicked Queen will take the streets downtown accompanied by her magic mirror, inviting the public to look into it. Those who wish to play along will be photographed and tagged on theMICAM's social networks, but they will also be left with a card to fill out, which will allow them to participate in "The fairest of Them All" competition, designed to engage and inform the general public about the features that make Made in Italy footwear unique and unmistakable. All they have to do is respond to the questions on the card and drop them off at theMICAMpoint. Up for grabs are fantastic discounts on purchases made on, as well as the chance to win a wellness weekend at a prestigious facility.


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