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November’s events are in Kazakistan and Ukraine
The presence of ANCI, National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers, in the C.I.S. area is increasingly larger through the promotion and organization of new initiatives like Krasnodar workshops and the consolidation of others, like the ITALIAN FOOTWEAR SHOW, which takes place every six months in Almaty and Kiev.

In recent years, the entire Russian area has seen significant changes and transformations both on an economic level (thanks to exportations of energy products like oil and gas) as well as on a social level, with a consequent increase in buying power by its people and the increase of sales of high-quality products, like Italian footwear. From here is ANCI's promotion of events and shows in the area, strategically designed to open new business horizons for companies in the sector.

The prestigious event hall, Dom Priemov, located in the center of the city of Almaty, the financial capital of Kazakhstan, will host the ITALIAN FOOTWEAR SHOW, from November 7-9. It is the only event dedicated to Made-in-Italy footwear and leather accessories in Kazakhstan and in the entire Central Asia area, which allows participating Italian companies to meet buyers from nearby countries in Central Asia such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan twice a year.

Exports of Italian footwear in Kazakhstan in the first six months of 2012 recorded an increase of 11.3% in volume in respect to the same period in 2011, with an average reached of 65.50 Euros, for a total amount of 18.6 million Euros (+22.3% in respect to the January-June 2011 period). The positive export trend in the first six months of 2012 and is in line with what happened in previous years(from 1997 onwards), that saw double-digit rate increases often higher than 40%, with a single halt in growth which occurred between 2008 and 2009. In terms of value, in the last eleven years exports have increased 7.5 times over.

For November’s event, participating companies will present their spring/summer 2013 footwear collections as well as clothing and leather goods, providing visitors with a “total look” offering which is one of a kind, which was consolidated over time thanks to ANCI’s work and to the agency’s operational support for foreign promotion and the internationalization of Italian companies, ICE, which manages the organization.

Thanks to the numerous collateral promotional initiatives like meetings with buyers and gala events with the participation of clients and local press, the exhibition takes its place as an essential expo for Made-in-Italy fashion. The last edition of the ITALIAN FOOTWEAR SHOW in Almaty boasted the participation of 43 companies in the footwear segment and 13 from the clothing-leather goods sector. The sign-ups and attendance of operators makes the Almaty event amongst the most important that ANCI organizes in the C.I.S. area.

In order to consolidate relationships with a client base that increasingly appreciates the design and quality of well-made Italian products, ANCI is organizing the ITALIAN FOOTWEAR SHOW from November 12-13 in the Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine.

No less significant is the Ukrainian market's trend that, strictly in terms of commercial size, represents a potential business opportunity that is nearly double that ff Kazakhstan. From January to June 2012, 556,000 pairs were exported for a total value of 40.2 million Euros, with an increase of 5.9% in value and 2.3% in volume in respect to the same period in 2011, and with an average price of 72.30 Euros.

Since 2002, the event’s first year, Italian companies in the footwear-leather goods sector will present their collections to national operators who normally do not participate in other ANCI-organized events that in the Russian-speaking area. Being a part of the ITALIAN FOOTWEAR SHOW in Kiev is a strategic choice, as it takes advantage of a potential customer base of up to 50 million consumers, and of a market with notable growth margins.

With the fall edition of the ITALIAN FOOTWEAR SHOW in Kiev, ANCI is bringing Italian companies to next-to-last expo event in the C.I.S. area this year, which last year saw the participation of 29 footwear companies in the footwear and leather goods sector.

ANCI’s next international events for the promotion of Made-in-Italy products

January 21-24, 2013 - CONSUMEXPO
Expocentr - Moscow - Russia

January 29-31, 2013 - SHOES FROM ITALY (to be confirmed)
Westin Hotel - Tokyo
April 9-11, 2013 - theMICAM SHANGHAI
Shanghai Exhibition Center - Shanghai – China


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