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Deadly labor dispute at factory of Puma’s supplier
(ispo) - A labor dispute outside a Cambodian factory that supplies Puma turned violent this week, with three demonstrators being shot. The factory, Kaoway Sports, closed down for a few days but will reopen on Friday.

More than 6,000 people were protesting outside the factory, demanding better working conditions, including a $19-per-month salary increase, transportation subsidies and 50 cents’ pay for lunch. Puma said that Kaoway Sports agreed to the demands even before the demonstration, and they are to take effect on March 1. Three women were shot, all workers there, aged 18, 21 and 23. One, hit in the chest, was injured seriously, and Puma is paying her medical expenses. The local press is reporting that police opened fire on the demonstrators; police say that a gunman drove up and began shooting.


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