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Fish Leather Can Be Seen at "Le Cuir a Paris"

Company Atlantic Leather is going to exhibit their products made from fish leather at Le Cuir à Paris: Hall 4, at stand B19. The company claims that potential of use of fish leather is infinite. Fashion fair Le Cuir à Paris is held from 14th to 16th September.


Fewer colours, more texture

Contribution of Atlantic Leather to autumn/winter fashion for 2011/12 is more of a leather feel, creative exploration
of texture, and four simple colour ranges: distressed, reserved, original, wild. For more about the colour ranges visit

Experience strengthens and softens

While use and time take their toll on manmade materials, leather simply gains in character the more it is used, and Atlantic Leather's new distressed texture highlights this quality of leather: like a lived-in wrinkled face, it expresses the softening effects of experience.

Did you know?

Fish leather is the second strongest leather known to man. Three strips of certain fish, 1/2 inches wide, braided together, can pull an automobile.

The tanning process for fish leather takes about a month, because every fish is different - saltwater, freshwater, northern, southern, and every one has a different oil content. Through an intricate 30-day chemical and mechanical process, the skins are churned, soaked, fleshed and vacuum dried.

Timing is critical in the chemical soaking stage. If soaked too long, it will lose its strength and eventually fall apart. The flesher removes any "yuck" left on the back of the skin. The special tanning process prevents the fish leather from becoming stiff, once all the oils are taken out.

(10.9.2010, Jana Fuhrmannová)

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