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How on 'Earth' Do They Make them so Comfortable?
ImageIn a world that's increasingly more stressful, harmony of the body and spirit is becoming more elusive.  Through meditation, nutrition, exercise, comfortable clothing and restful surroundings - we can gain a healthier natural lifestyle. Earth technology perfectly complements this by taking the body back to it's natural origins - by teaching and enabling us to stand and move how nature originally intended we should.

Why are Earth shoes good for me?
Man has built a world of concrete and steel that is incompatible with his anatomy. The natural terrain now lies buried beneath this concrete jungle that our cities have evolved into.  Earth shoes mimic the action of walking barefoot in the sand and on uneven terrain. The unique shape of the shoe with its negative heel keeps the toes up and the body leaning slightly backwards, the stomach pulled in, and the spine straightened into proper alignment. This re-alignment has now been scientifically proven to produce many health benefits and cure many modern ailments, often caused by walking incorrectly !

Relief from back pain
Many back, neck and joint problems stem from poor posture. The re-alignment of your body achieved by wearing Earth shoes negative heel technology instantly alleviates many of the aches and pains caused by standing incorrectly and over a period of time, works to correct the causes of chronic pain.

Feminine low backed mule with the unique Negative Heel Technology

Improved muscle tone
Standing incorrectly results in loss of muscle tone in your core inner muscles. Re-aligning your posture allows your core muscles to work as nature intended and over time they will strengthen. Back, tummy, buttock and leg muscles will become firm and toned. As a rather unexpected side effect, it was discovered from customer testimonials that wearing Earth produced a sizeable reduction in cellulite - but I guess you could live with that if pushed :-)

Healthy relaxed breathing
Anyone who has tried yoga will understand the positive effects healthy breathing can have on your health and wellbeing. Improving your posture allows the diaphragm to relax and the rib cage move more freely. You will feel invigorated and energised as your body benefits from deeper, healthier breathing.

Freedom from Foot problems
Earth shoes help a vast range of foot problems. The orthopoedically shaped, contoured foot bed has been designed to correctly support your foot. The natural toe shape allows your toes to lie in their natural position. The negative heel ensures you use your lateral and inner foot muscles correctly.

These vegan shoes contain only eco-friendly materials and are manufactured by Fair Trade Producers

Why are they so comfortable?  

Comfort Sole - Natural latex rubber, or ultra-light - Soles provide grip, comfort and durability. Rocker design creates a gentle rolling motion. The whole shoe is so lightweight - you could be forgiven for thinking you aren't wearing any !

Comfort Fit System - Earth shoes are fitted with Shock-absorbing Gelron2000®  for mid-sole impact protection .The Gelron molds to the foot and will last for years. Adjustable straps, elastic gores, or lacing systems  complement the soft inner  for a comfortable fit. The memory foam material in the footbed conforms to the shape of your foot. Where most shoes may contain one or two comfort features .. Earth goes for the jackpot and includes every possible option.  Earth are certified and approved by The American Podriatic Association.

Comfort Construction - Full-grain leather or suede uppers. Soft and breathable leather linings. Earth VEGAN feature the best quality, breathable, leather-like micro fibre uppers and linings; and are fully certified by the Vegan Society.

Negative Heel™ Technology - Positions the heel below the toe to achieve natural body alignment. Creates a natural, healthy, and invigorating stride

New Spring/ Summer Collection - Burn more calories with every step

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