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ILM presents the bag trends for summer 2008
ImageThe new “ease of being” reaching from smart over clean chic, neo sports up to romanticism.The summer 2008: a season of frontier crossing – contrasting fashion themes generating new looks in all the genres: “light and fresh”, plain, clear, versatile – the new attributes to fashion. In general the summer of fashion is shaped by the following trends: feminine, sporty and shining, modern, light, casual, cultivated.

The outlines are full of variants and fascinating: on the one hand sheer layerings in mini plus maxi up to strict and straight H-shapes and cheerful attributes, pleats and frills mostly in A-lines and O-shapes – all held together by leggings that must not be missing with any of these styling options. Also bonded are the 30’s, 50’s, 60’s, and the 80’s. There is an enormous variety that allows fascinating combinations. We will experience some ”aha–effects“ and surprises.

About colors: the more valuable the more minimalistic and clayey the color ideas are – just freshened up by some extreme spots of color.The more the collections are aligned young and streetwear-like the more colors are seen – up to allover prints and neon colors.   


Color topics Summer 08

sophisticated, monochrome, brilliant.
Space lab pictures of the early science fiction movies might have been the inspiration for this bright world of colors: white lacquer, white mat, white slightly gradated with bleu or rosé, also the whole scale of grey shades from ”greige” to anthracite often refined through metallic aspects

Neon Energy
vibrating, powerful, intensive along with light.
energetic primary colors that densify to neon tones and compete with metallic tones: brilliant blue, shocking yellow, grass-green, racing-red also in lacquer and of course silver from mat to reflective mostly in combination with white

Smart Romance
delicate, undetermined, natural.
Romanticism in its purest: soft and discreet color appearance with a spell of a summer night’s dream: cloud-white, eve-rosé, sand-mauve, violet-blue, coral-red, hazelnut.

glittering, unseizable, bombastic.
Each color as an illusion of itself consisting of the spectral colors of the universe: Laser-blue, infrared, ultraviolet, bright-white, nocturnal black associate with sparkling flashes of all color shades

The Bag Trends Summer 2008


Prosaic, clear, existential
a new simplicity paired with refinement, androgynous and yet feminine

Clear and straight lines are broken through by smart details like little gathers, subtle stripes, fine pipings and loans from the cuts of couture. The diversity of shapes reaches from circle skirts over shirtwaist dresses up to trousers, suits and even overalls. The material is smooth and dense, but light – mostly uni-colored or with micro patterns.

Bag Styles
Pure and architectural shapes give an unconstructed and soft impression. Mega-size bags with a soft contour contrast the clear silhouette and also complement it. Shoppers in portrait format, first of all, show elaborate details and grip solutions with metal fixing. Clutch bags with integrated grips or short shoulder straps become bigger and mostly appear in horizontal format. Smooth, unstructured leather types show a mat finish or are brightly polished; partially also seen with metallic effects. Surfaces soft as silk come along in casual shapes, lizard-, croco-, and snake leather or their embossings provide high quality and surface structure. Metallic clasps and chains are mostly silver-colored, often also chrome-plated but on the whole very restrictively used.

White lacquer, white mat, white slightly gradated with bleu or rosé, also the whole scale of grey shades from ”greige” to anthracite often refined through metallic aspects.


High tech, futurism, flashdance
Classicism meets sportswear meets high tech – a crossover of urban styles

Brief shorts and kneelong bermudas in combination with wide blousons or cape-styles, wide trousers with white shirts, narrow parka and trench variants of extremely light and brilliant material like balloon fabric and combined with narrow slacks or leggings. Jersey dresses in wrap-style presenting lengths from mini to kneelong, oversized sweater dresses with wide necklines and voluminous sleeve shapes – either in combination with leggings in contrasting colors or clayey wide trousers. The material appears like wet luster, somehow technical and extremely light – sometimes almost related to space by color and brilliance.

Bag styles
Metallic luster is the key, geometric shapes, horizontal formats as well as supple pouches accompanied by big shoppers – in brilliant colors. Travel equipment with refined new grip ideas in high tech finish, classical sports shapes like bowling bags and matchsacks also to be seen in crumply leather and canvas-leather combinations. The surfaces are in a cool luster, polished and lacquered. Feathery new material developments guarantee lightness – also with huge formats.

Brilliant blue, shocking yellow, grass-green, racing-red also in lacquer and of course silver from mat to reflective mostly in combination with white.


Garden-serenade, new ethno, city rancheras
Rendez-vous in the summer garden, picnic in a sea of blossoms.

Soft folklore and ethno influences as well as citations of gone eras: cordings, pleats and drape effects are casting a spell on new delicate looks. Dresses in the style of the 50’s, large-size floral prints and marked waistlines, light coverings in wrap-up look – all in white or natural shades, square shapes over tight-fitting denim pants or leggings, baby doll dresses in floral designs with edgings and bordures, amply-cut kaftans with embroidered necklines. Light material like gauzy textures and chiffon are in contrast with firm satins and starched cotton-linen mixtures – main thing smooth infolding and swinging …

Bag Styles
Feminine handbags with tiny flaps and floral embroideries or prints. More rustic combinations are seen with sisal, natural leather or hemp. Natural leather for classical handholds, gathers and braidings for petty shoulder bags on extra-long metal chains, crafted elements like decorative embroidery stitches on edges and front bags.  Clasps are mostly covered or hidden – their usual decorative function is replaced by bows, lace inserts, embroideries as well as braidings and draperies.

Cloud-white, eve-rosé, sand-mauve, violet-blue, coral-red, hazelnut.


Cruising South, Riviera Dinner, Golden Diva.
Hollywood Party_Cannes Film Festival_Venedig Biennale – These glamorous events are condensed in one topic where it is about one thing: Showing off

Marlene-pants with high waistline and extremely wide trouser legs in combination with elegant blazers, flowing dresses with casual jackets, trouser suits. Sequin-ornamented bolero jackets with elegant evening gowns following the style of the movie stars in the 30’s. The textiles are light, floating and flowing similar to a touch of nothing – gauze and tulle, chiffons and voiles, multi-layered or with lining – next to it also solid and firm materials like silk satin or brocade.

Bag styles
Elegant combinations of leather-canvas and leather-straw in the style of the 30’s, Queen-Mum shapes with clip-locks – also made of cornet or bone, Pompadour-‘Sacoches’ ornamented with tassels in patent leather or metallised, ‘casket’ shoulder bags in lacquer, ‘jewelry box’ clutches in silk satin with opulent huge rock-locks, quilted wristlets. The material is elegantly glimmering, partly combined with lizard- or croco structures. New are the ovally shaped metal caskets – here the bag, also in the technical-material aspect, becomes a piece of jewelry. The same applies to the accessories: shoulder straps appear like chain-bracelets, opulent gemstones take the place of the invisible locks.

Laser-blue, infrared, ultraviolet, bright-white, nocturnal black associate with sparkling flashes of all color shades



Beach Camp
Caribbean Summer – Hot Rio Beats bring about a flush of colors and patterns.
Summerly allover prints in a variety of joyful colors for board shorts, pareos and tuniks, light summer dresses printed with graphic motives, light-flowing skirts, light layering, frilled strap dresses also in layering look, modern pattern mix.

Basket work combined with leather for shoulder bags, big, supple, and voluminous shoulder bags from leather to canvas, spacious shoppers with plastic bows as well rucksacks and light travel bags. Soft bags and hip bags in trendy nylon.

Cheerful summerly sunny colors set the tone and are seen in combinations with white.

Fairy Tales
Charmed houses, myth gardens, the whole world of myths and legends delivered the ideas for these topics. The look is in a girlishly playful style: baby doll dresses with flower prints, light-flowing oversized jersey tops with narrow denims, frilled blouses with brief hot pants. Lightness is the highlight with the materials: ultralight jerseys as well as cotton batiste and crepe.

Soft pouches with decorative elements like fringes and applied blossoms, small satchels on bamboo grips, small shoulder bags with colorful prints, big shoppers in trendy colors made of leather and printed textile.

Natural shades are complemented by fine, fairylike shades and contrasted by summer darks.

Neo Sports
Liquid space goes street: wide tops with new sleeve styles like bats or kimonos in combination with super narrow drainpipes. The material appears like wet luster or brightly polished lacquer for jackets and blousons in parka style, the combination black|white is style-defining accompanied by silver and all variations of metallic characteristics – flash colors supply the counter-image.

Form follows Function - oversized! Lacquered surfaces for sporty bag shapes like the classical bowling bag, also supplied with shoulder straps, big and bold prints on nylon. New is a transparent vinyl for shoppers and even sports shapes, allover printed nylon for backpacks and for shoppers.

Black and white for strong contrasts, jazzy colors with signal effect, silver.

from Disco to Disco 
The 80’s meet Bollywood Babes and Pop Art goes Nu Rave – a fireworks of shapes and colors, new widths and lengths in combination, striking prints for tops. Brilliant blousons, pop-colored drainpipes and leggings, transparent jerseys as multi layerings.

Patent leather party bags in fancy shapes, tiny flap bags, geometric bag shapes from round to square, also in mega size format, clutches and evening bags with drapes and wild material mix up to patchwork, also lacquer.

Rainbow colors up to neon, mostly in lacquer or with brilliant effect and, as a matter of fact, silver.


The next ILM presenting winter 2008 styles will take place in Offenbach from 7th - 9th of March 2008.
Summer 2009 bag trends will be shown in Offenbach from 25.9. - 28.9. 2008.


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