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Fashion and bag trends spring/summer 2007

Effect attained by valence – “Less is more”
This slogan earlier went along with a fashion decade – then it was about pure minimalism. Today, after a period of opulence, decoration, eroticism and rage of colours, we encounter an easing on the fashion scene. Solidity and elegance, the longing for pure beauty, geometric austerity and a generous practicality reflect an explicit sense of taste. Fashion and product design follow the same path. However, minimalism is not at all involved in that. Instead of superficial decoration, trash and rumpus, the effect is attained by a refined shaping, exquisite and extraordinary material, and an elaborate processing fond of details.

New types of women enter the scene: self-assured and almost arrogant, unimpressed and independent, unaffectedly sincere, knowing, and curious. They emit power coming from the very inside. And, as a matter of fact, they are mercilessly pretentious. Four types of women are in the limelight. For them we describe the fashion- and accessory trends.

A self-confident, object-oriented, independent, demanding personality.

Working women, couture chic, silent glamour. Plain and consequent like Bauhaus style. Nordically inspired design, clear and linear.

Clear lines, new proportions, couture cuts of the 60s and 80s. Cool cotton or linen, knitwear and jersey, mild satin brilliance, plissès and pleats, rings and stripes. Dresses are the favourites! Strap dresses and shirt dresses, jersey dresses with assymmetric necklines, tunic shapes appear on the scene. Box-shaped jackets, cardigans and short coats stand for a new silhouette. The suit becomes attractive through the attribute of city-bermudas.

The bigger the more fashionable! Giant bags, weekend bags, and functional shopper variations or flap bags are mainly in XXL size. Handbags in oblong formats on short grips are super-soft and still with contour. The frames or the clutch bags are in nostalgic design due to their bulgy bottom. All lengths of grips are allowed. High-quality leather types show a discreet brilliance, soft leather in metallic look are the hit. Patent leather lets colours shine. Noble crocodile or ostrich bring added value. Sensational grips are braided, quilted, ornamented or made of beads and metal chains. Pretentious metal decoration for the fittings, locks, and edges make sure that bags are still pieces of jewellery.

White, pearl, shell, cream, skin, nude, mauve, gold, metallic.
Black, oceanblue, intensive red and yellow, green and china-blue.

Romantic, sensitive and a little bit dreamy and fond of nostalgia.

The flower gardens of impressionistic painters supply design ideas. The rococo-style and Marie Antoinette era bring along style ideas and Gustav Klimt and the Art Nouveau epoch guarantee ornamental details.

The flower gardens of impressionistic painters supply design ideas. The rococo-style and Marie Antoinette era bring along style ideas and Gustav Klimt and the Art Nouveau epoch guarantee ornamental details.

Laces seen in everyday fashion, laces as contrast to denim or canvas. Skirts and dresses with ruffles and flounces. Waisted jackets with ball knobs, cuffs, jabots in historic design. Eyelet embroidery and flower designs give a delicate touch. The playful and romantic trend gets suitable for everyday if combined with casnal attributes.

Shoppers, flap bags in oblong format, shoulder bags, pouches and baskets, nostalgic bows or frames for mediumsized or large formats. Romantic, tiny bags in a soft and round appearance, ruffled, pleated and decorated with delicate lace or roses. Imaginative leather preparations, with floral imprints, punch and laser patterns, crochet images and braidings, lace designs on leather, blurred colours, metallic lustre. Kind accessories like ornamental ruffles and bows, tunnels, ribbons and braids sown on. Striking grips of metal, braided or decorated with beads.

White! A series of nude colours such as skin, make-up, peach, mauve, pearl. Bright flower colours such as lilac, primrose, lime green, sky-blue. Metallic and pearl effects.


Ingenious, casual, sporty, amicable, unaffected and natural. She’s a good sport.

Nature, travels, adventure.
Steppe, desert, Western life, safari.

Nature, travels, adventure. Steppe, desert, Western life, safari.

Natural linen, cotton, canvas, nappa in vintage design, super-soft velours, blue denim, knitwear and jersey. Pre-washed and bleached print effects in batik and shadowy appearance, camouflage patterns. Casual safari shirts, tunic dresses, 3/4 length pocket pants, oversized jumpers and skintight jeans, casnal blousons and hooded parkas.

Sports- and travel bags for the City. Pouches, sacs, satchels, messenger and doctor bags. Saddle bags and simple flap shoppers bring along a genuine note. Reason for this are the pretty and natural leather types. Either super-soft, squeeze, handy or more solid, sporty, with clear grains, wrinkles, waves and clouds. The leather appears in used effect, crashed and washed. Combined are rough linen, canvas and denim or again brilliant nylon qualities. Pretty braidings or “knitted” leather are specialities. Excellent accessories are thick rope ends and imaginative metal ornaments.

Sahara, antelope, cork, tobacco, chilli, brick, henna, jade and agave.

Unpredictable, creative, spontaneous, curious, courageous, and extrovert character.

Folkloric attributes from South America and Asia are used as a puzzle. The musical scene and cult around “Tokio Hotel”, grunge and flea market spirit are stimulating.

Folkloric attributes from South America and Asia are used as a puzzle. The musical scene and cult around “Tokio Hotel”, grunge and flea market spirit are stimulating.

One’s own creativity may be unfolded, self-projection is of major significance. Yet, capriciousness and bad taste are not the stylists of this trend but open-mindedness, freedom, and the longing for staging different styles. Shrewd black with laces and flounces, with metal chains and overknee boots stand for sexy effect. Sharp and unusual colour contrasts and the play with different lengths, a layer look making a splash as a modern grunge style, offers an abundance of scopes for the creative ones.

Decoration is permitted. Bags and belts are in the centerpoint. As textile fashion is on the whole more subdued the accessories take over the sensual and decorative part. All spheres deliver concepts for the eccentric, extrovert woman. The bags should be really big and conspicuous or tiny small like a piece of jewelry. It is allowed to show outstanding designs, imprinted or embossed or with ornamental stitching, punching or squeezy ‘smok’ effects. An imaginative mixture of material creates charming contrasts. Metallic designs and metallizing leather are the latest hit.


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