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SpringBoost Designs New Footwear for Nordic Walking
ImageSpringBoost, a Swiss high performance athletic footwear company, recently launched in the U.S. and has found a foothold among fans of fitness walking, especially the latest trend in walking called Nordic Walking, which is quickly growing in worldwide popularity.  Walking as a sport is as old as mankind yet Nordic Walking is an innovation developed in 1997 in Norway by avid cross country skiers seeking a summer alternative to their cold weather workout.

ImageToday there are more than 2.2 million registered walkers in Germany and 500,000 in Finland.  In America, the estimated 36 million who already engage in fitness walking according to the SGMA are being exposed to the added benefits that poles in each hand provide.SpringBoost’s latest innovation in specialty footwear is a performance shoe made especially for Nordic Walking that is based upon the principle of dorsiflexion, a position whereby the heel is lower than the forefoot. The SpringBoost B-Walk Nordic is its top-of-the-line shoe for the avid walker. It is totally waterproof and has a Vibram outsole for maximum grip and traction (even on frozen trails). A second Nordic Walking shoe, B-Walk, is designed for the weekend warrior looking for a waterproof shoe with good grip.  The outsole of the shoe has also been studied to provide increased rolling action, lengthening the stride and providing the feel of a light, dynamic walk. 

B-Walk Nordic and B-Walk incorporate proprietary Dorsiflexion Technology™ and are sold with two sets of interchangeable insoles. The Modular Insole Program™ enables users to get used to dorsiflexion with an insole at 0 degrees dorsiflexion or to get more out of their walk with a 2 degree dorsiflexion insole.  Anyone who walks for fitness will enjoy the health benefits gained from walking in dorsiflexion: relieved lower back pressure, straightening of the back, increase blood circulation in the legs and activation of more muscle fibers in the legs and buttocks.

Neutral position - like being barefoot
Optimal degree of dorsiflexion for Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an efficient workout which utilizes 90% of the body thanks to the use of walking poles and a specific technique.  This efficient total body exercise straightens the upper body and creates resistance to build better bone density, burns 40% more calories than average walking, increases blood flow to the legs, and enhances cardio benefits by increasing oxygen consumption by up to 25%.  Also, it’s a great social activity – people can burn calories while spending time with friends enjoying nature and the great outdoors. 

For more information on Nordic Walking log onto the American Nordic Walking Association at SpringBoost shoes will be available starting in September 2006. 


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