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A good shoe starts with the sole!

The foot is a complex structure subjected to major efforts during all types of sporting activities, particularly on cold, wet and unstable terrain with ice and snow. That is why selection of high-performance equipment, adapted to the desired usage, is very important. Good shoes greatly reduce the risk of physical accidents and damage to muscle and bone.

The natural roll of the foot
A good shoe consists of the upper and, above all, the sole. Well known to hikers, Vibram® soles are designed scientifically in a partnership with medical institutes specialised in the biomechanics of the foot. Functional design, rubber mixes targeting specific activities, the right balance for high performance, rigorous selection of raw materials…, each Vibram® sole is the product of an in-depth analysis of sporting activities and users to achieve the triple goal of "Performance + Comfort + Quality".

Special requirements for winter soles
Cold, muddy, icy and snow-covered terrain requires special soles to protect the foot, avoid slipping, ensure high performance for sports enthusiasts and provide long-lasting use. The tread, rubber compounds and design of Vibram® soles undergo in-depth research to resist the variations in temperature and the climatic conditions likely to be encountered during the winter.

Vibram®, the brand you can count on
Shoe manufacturers know quality when they see it and that is why Vibram® remains "THE" reference in the field. Each winter, Vibram® consolidates its leadership in an array of fields by equipping 90% of all telemark boots, 80% of mountain boots and 60% of Alpine-touring boots! Success does not come easily and must be defended day after day, that is why Vibram® counts on innovation to reinforce its leading position. For the winter of 2007, Vibram® is the no. 1 partner of the major boot brands that want to combine high-tech quality and good looks.

Vibram® for SNOWSHOES

ImageVibram®IcePick: technicity and protection
The Vibram®Icepick sole, made exclusively for Columbia using the Vibram®Trek compound, is recognised for its grip on all types of terrain. It offers a wide contact surface and its X shape reinforces lateral grip to avoid slipping on snow. On soft terrain (snow and mud), the small, round lugs dig in for even better grip. Above the sole is a high-profile EVA wedge for greater comfort and resistance to cold.

Used for Columbia Ice Crushette
Derived from the Columbia Titanium range, Ice Cruschette is a technical shoe for women combining high-technology, comfort, warmth and aesthetics in a unique protection system. The side of the sole extends upward and joins with a moulded rubber shell to reinforce resistance to knocks and cold. Protection is even further enhanced by the Thinsulate Ultra 400g/600g lining and waterproof seams.

Vibram®Step-in: an automatic binding for snowshoe boots
Snowshoe manufacturer TSL called on Vibram® for its famous Step-in snowshoe + boot and in the process won the ISPO Award 2004. To meet user needs in terms of both performance and comfort, the Step-In sole is flexible to follow the natural roll of the foot. The strong, curving tread is designed to evacuate snow quickly. The Step-In insert in the sole that clips to the snowshoe, the truly original part of the range, is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, but does not significantly add weight or hinder the roll of the foot. A rubber toe cap provides additional protection for the front of the foot.

Used for TSL Step-In
Highly technical, the Step-In range of boots ensures absolute comfort even at the lowest temperatures and exceptional walking conditions due to its flexibility and precision. All seams are waterproof and the Advance Protek® water-resistant breathing membrane combined with the Cordura® scree cuff and lace-cover provide protection against cold weather. The Trek Gaiter and Nordic Race models have RipStop gaiters that are high on the Trek Gaiter and lower on the Nordic Race because of its shorter upper.

ImageVibram®SnowShoe: the best seller for snow
The Vibram®Snowshoe sole is the well-known best-seller, designed specifically for snow, with a heavy-duty tread, ideal for good grip in powder. The position of the lugs facilitates evacuation of the snow under the weight of the foot, thus further enhancing safety. The rands on the sides protect the upper and increase resistance to cold weather, a definite plus for hikes with snowshoes.

Used for Raichle Snow Extreme XT GTX and Rossignol Woman Winter GTX
: A historic partner for Vibram®, Raichle selected the Vibram®Snowshoe sole to equip its Snow Extreme XT GTX model designed specifically for snow activities (insulation, comfort, grip). Insulation is ensured by the tall upper fitted with a GoreTex® membrane to stop snow from entering the boot.
Rossignol: Since 2000, the designer Castelbajac has prepared the snow collections for Rossignol. The manufacturer then materialises the designer's guidelines using the best materials to ensure a high level of technicity and elegant lines. The Woman Winter GTX model is warm and comfortable thanks to the GoreTex® lining and the padding in the tongue and around the ankle. The tanned-hide upper and the rand reinforce protection of the foot and contribute to the charm of the model.

ImageVibram®Vialta: stability on snow
Made exclusively for Lowa, the Vibram®Vialta sole is the right choice for snow with its heavy-duty tread. The geometric lugs positioned over virtually the entire outsole ensure excellent contact on uncertain terrain. Wide evacuation channels push the snow outward for better grip under all conditions. The arch, made of denser, colourful rubber, is equipped with additional support to increase stability and comfort. The PU wedge improves shock absorption.

Used for Lowa Kody GTX Mid
Kody GTX Mid is a new LOWA boot, light and versatile, for winter hikes and snowshoeing. The German manufacturer, known for the quality and high performance of its products, incorporated a GoreTex® membrane in the upper, reinforced with Cordura® for greater resistance and equipped with an exclusive thermal-regulation system.

Vibram® for SNOW BOOTS

ImageVibram®Planet: for multifunctional and versatile boots
Tested in a wide array of terrain to ensure high multifunctionality, the Vibram®Planet sole is very effective on slopes thanks to its Vibram®FastShafts tread over a major part of the outsole. The thermoset EVA wedge ensures good shock absorption, particularly for the heel.

Used for KAYLAND FireWoman
Kayland took inspiration from the boots of Italian firemen in designing the FireWoman model characterised by a zipper for fast opening and closing to replace, if needed, the traditional laces. Made entirely of leather, the boots are as dynamic and mobile as the modern women wearing them. They are ideal for after-ski activities due to their technical characteristics or as winter fashion accessories in fancy resorts.

ImageVibram®Roccia: the traditional
The Vibram®Roccia sole is the ancestor of the very first Vibram® soles and its small, star lugs, familiar to one and all, have satisfied users for decades. Made of the Vibram®Mont compound for winter activities, this long-lasting sole offers good grip on cold terrain. Its traditional look fits in perfectly with the most sophisticated snow boots.

Used for ROSSIGNOL W Hannibal LTH
Since 2000, the designer Castelbajac has prepared the snow collections for Rossignol. The manufacturer then materialises the designer's guidelines using the best materials to ensure a high level of technicity and elegant lines. The W Hannibal LTH model is the ideal after-ski boot due to the warmth provided by the high leather upper and the comfort of the shock-absorbing, microcell insole. The special Castebajac style (black leather, overall design and orange highlights) enhances user pleasure.


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