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A Young and Fresh Collection in Colour, Accents and Glamour
The brand new summer collection of LA Gear Diamond goes between the nostalgic and the innovative. The designers have sought for balance and togetherness of opposites: between bright colours and pastels, between romantic flower prints and the metallic twist, between soft embroideries and firm studs. It’s on the borderline between imagination and nature. The secret is putting together the fashionable LA Bear Diamond look and LA Bear’s strong roots. It’s a youthful and fresh approach with a splash of Diamond to give you the elegance one craves for. Making LA Gear Diamond’s message for Spring Summer 2006 loud and clear: “Diamond enriches your look.” And… there is a scoop as well: LA Gear Diamond launches a Junior collection!

The LA Gear Twist is a classic from the old days which has been given a superb new look in style ”Air”. The trendy sneaker is an extremely fashionable summer shoe, perfectly aligning the upcoming flower power trend. There is something fresh in the colours used, sugar sweet candy colours are playing the leading role. Air has been refined with embroidered flowers on a silk background hidden behind a futuristic mesh layer. The key that holds all this together is the famous LA Gear feature: the Twisted Lace.

Face is the ultimate fashion statement for Summer 2006, is suits the mood for femininity and glamour which is exactly what woman want! This sneaker has a sparkling “bling-bling” look through use of details as trendy metals and metallic studs. Meanwhile, Face fabulously combines with gold and silver which makes this style excellent for clubbing. Comfortable, still elegant and sexy.

The classic step-in is back! LA Gear’s creativity goes it’s own way resulting into a unique and original moccasin. Style Glove is a jewel for your feet; semi-precious insets and raffia elements give you a sunny bohemian feeling. Another highlight is the use of subtle burnized material, which gives style Glove a lovely worn vintage look.

Especially for those sensual summer nights. LA Gear Diamond has developed the mysteriously elegant style Light. A slim flat outsole, ethnic influences, straps to be tied around your ankle, natural brown tones and burnized material all put the fizz into a light, sensual carefree new style. An extremely feminine fashionable shoe, which makes you desire for long summer nights even more.

L.A. Gear Diamond

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