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ISPO - Enormous feedback to Salomonís softshell footwear innovation

Thomas Kamm (PM Footwear Salomon) was extremely pleased with the positive feedback after the ispo summer 05 to one of the newest products by Salomon: softshell footwear. This "Jacket for your Feet" is the first softshell shoe ever to be introduced on the market. Softshell, a concept well known in the textile sector, a concept, which will remain established for a long time.

The advantage of softshell materials used in the textile sector is that even with proper water resistance, ventilation and elasticity of materials is considerably higher than when constructed with membranes. By using softshells most seams in the shaft area were no longer necessary, with the help of innovative welding technology. Combined with the soft feel of the material and this revolutionary production method it became possible to create optimized fit. A softshell shoe by Salomon can be worn 365 days per year during any kind of weather, and feels just like a second skin.

Thomas Kamm: "The response to the new Salomon Softshell concept in the footwear segment was huge. Retailers readily accepted the innovative idea to use softshells in footwear. Because softshell materials have become almost commonplace in winter and outdoor apparel, we believe that we have retailers on our side from the beginning, to jointly introduce consumers to this new footwear technology.”


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